Our Committees

Conference Meal Coordinator – Nikki Montoya

Trip Tracker – Molly Watkins, Jacquie Reddick

Community Events – Nikki Montoya, Stacey Donelson

Fundraising – Molly Watkins, Erin Dodge, Carrie Goldin

Greenhouse Committee – Carrie Goldin, Kyla Berry

Wellness Committee – Sarah Harriman, Stacey Donelson

Volunteer Coordinator – Sarah Harriman

Website and Social Media Manager – Barbara MacFerrin

We are currently looking for parents to fill the following committee opportunities…

  • Restaurant Night Coordinator
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Flyer Designer
  • Committee Team Members

…if you might be interested in filling one of these open positions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator via the form below for more information about what each opportunity entails!